Project Aim

The focus of the HWFF project is to develop and test highly-insulating window and facade systems with slim frame designs and highly-efficient glazings. The project has an integral approach which regards the window and frame as one unit, both thermally and statically. The main aims of HWFF are:

  • optimization of existing systems by way of improved materials and designs
  • investigation of completely new approaches and concepts
  • integration of vacuum insulation glass (VIG) as a slim and highly-insulating glazing
  • realization of U-values < 0.8 W/(m2K) for profiles and frames with slim designs

Standard windows for new buildings and renovation are a focal point of development.

Thermal System Optimization

Thermal simulation of a conventional window frame to optimize system parameters (left). Principle of a slim, yet highly-insulating frame; the hot and cold sides are thermally completely uncoupled due to an insulating layer (right).

Mechanical System Optimization

Investigation of critical system areas, e.g. joint stability of a welded profile (left) and a test chamber for investigating system behaviour under thermal stress and simultaneous wind load (right).